We are glad you are here.  The Playbook is designed to help you mount your own defense.  Let’s get started.

You should have received a welcome email at your registered email address.  If you did not receive it, please check your spam folder and mark admin@statebarplaybook as a trusted address.


Here is what you can expect:

You now have access to the Members Area. Here you will the The Playbook itself under Document Area. You can download it or work with it in your web browser. The book contains the heart of the substantive material, embedded videos, and links to all of the appendices. If you download The Playbook, be sure to check back periodically because we will be making updates to the contents. The latest version will always be available in your account.

Also in the Document Area is the library of sample documents. It is arranged by chapter of The Playbook, so when you are reading in The Playbook and would like to have a sample document, check the same chapter in the library. The library is being expanded, so if there is something you would like to see in there, let us know.

The Members Area also gives you access to the State Bar Playbook Forum, where you can connect with other Members and contact The Playbook Staff.


Here is how to get the most of your new weapon:

Start by exploring your new resource. The Playbook is an interactive PDF file, so play around with clicking through the navigation buttons.

Make use of the sample library and forum. You are not alone in State Bar Court, and here is where your community lives online.

Finally, ask if you need something that is not here. We are constantly striving to update and expand the materials here, and your suggestions and questions drive that expansion.