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Thank you for the sneak peek at the material. I would have gladly paid $ 1500 for the help appearing here. The warnings about rules not being enforced and other traps would have been worth many times that. If the Bar comes knocking on my door again, I will become a member for sure. — JM

State Bar Court defense costs
For only $1500, gain 3 years’ full access to The Playbook and all of its related resources. Access includes:
  • An explanation of why the bizarre, unfair Bar disciplinary system is referred to as Wonderland,
  • All of the tools necessary to represent yourself inside the State Bar disciplinary system,
  • Actionable information to respond to an investigation of your conduct,
  • A library containing dozens of sample State Bar Court filings and investigation response documents for use in drafting your own,
  • A comprehensive interactive text,
  • Appendices of rules and authorities relevant to The Playbook (linked from the text of the substantive content),
  • Videos of Megan illuminating key concepts,
  • Ongoing expansion of available materials, and
  • Access to the Playbook staff to provide suggestions for additional content to be added.

All subscriptions to the content are for a period of three years.

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The lack of honesty from the court and prosecutors was disgusting. Thank God my judge had a clerk who liked and helped me.
My LAP group was tight. We tried to help each other, consoled each other over our horror stories, and shared motions we filed. It was not nearly enough. We were the blind leading fellow sightless friends. Perhaps the most disappointing part of the experience was the "confidential" BS about LAP. It turned out LAP was just another part of the prosecution. I so wish I had access to something like this. If there is a next time, The Playbook will be my first stop.
I couldn't afford representation and there were no resources that I could find. Foolishly believing I could trust the court and LAP, I only proved what a fool I was. Wonderland is such an apt description and I was the totally confused Alice.
OMG I wish I had something like this. I was lost and fell into every trap. The one about stipulations not binding on anyone but me was a doozer!