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State Bar Playbook iPDF

State Bar Court defense costs

The text of the Playbook is available here.  This is the starting point.  Open the book and being exploring before moving into the sample documents.  The Playbook contains the original text and links to all appendices.

All interactive text content in this book is available in all modes of viewing.  Videos in this interactive book require that it be opened in Adobe software and will not be viewable on mobile devices.  For free Adobe PDF viewer software, please click here.  If you have any difficulty viewing video content, please check our FAQs for more information.

Sample Documents

The sample documents available here are provided for your use and guidance. Most originated as actual State Bar Court filings. Names, dates, and case and bar numbers have been changed or redacted, even though most filings are public.

You will notice that the samples are not entirely consistent in formatting. This is intentional. Attorneys appearing in State Bar Court often use the format for their filings that they are most accustomed to using, including a variety of footers. The formatting rules are not strict in State Bar Court, and various preferences are reflected in the sample documents and in real filings.The intent of these samples is to provide you with a base to start drafting your own filings. Obviously your facts and circumstances will be different than those reflected in these samples, so you will need to customize them to fit your own case.

The samples are not forms like a form book available in some areas of legal practice. To the extent cases are cited in some of the samples, they are believed to be up to date at the time of posting, but more recent cases may be pertinent. Every effort is made to keep the citations current, but no assurances are made.

The samples are organized by Playbook chapter for ease of use.