State Bar Playbook

From investigation through appeal, the pro se attorney's comprehensive interactive guide to the State Bar of California discipline system.

The system is Wonderland, as in Alice in Wonderland. A crazy world where logic is defied.

Substantive Text

Detailed original text, taking you through the entire discipline process.  Whether you are in the earliest stage of State Bar investigation defense or appealing a State Bar Court trial result, the text details the rules you need and the pitfalls to avoid.

Each step explained in detail, with cites to rules.

Sample Filings

Dozens of samples to use in drafting your own State Bar filings and documents. State Bar investigation defense responses, State Bar Court answers, motions to dismiss, pretrial statements, and more.

Never start from scratch.

Embedded Videos

Videos embedded in the text to further explain critical concepts.

It’s like having an experienced lawyer at your side.

Consultation Discount

Upon purchase, receive an exclusive 50% off discount code for a forty-five minute phone consultation with Megan Zavieh.

You are not alone.

What Can The Playbook Do For You?

Level the Playing Field

Provide you with the information that the State Bar already knows — the rules, the processes, the expectations, and the pitfalls.

Warn of Hidden Dangers

Warn you about the unexpected rules, loosely enforced guidelines, and common mistakes made by pro se lawyers.

Help in Drafting Filings

From responding to the investigation to each State Bar Court filing, provide you with sample documents to guide your own drafting.

Save Your Career

Give you the tools you need to save your own career.


Explain key concepts in video.

Significant Savings

For the cost of 4 to 5 hours of attorney time, you get ongoing access to updated and expanded content.

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Megan Zavieh, Principal Author and Editor

Megan focuses her practice entirely on State Bar defense in California. Her law practice is Zavieh Law, a progressive firm operating primarily on a flat fee model. She also writes extensively on attorney ethics and practice management at, and

Megan’s passion is saving lawyer’s careers by assisting them through the discipline process. She sees a tremendous need for a resource for self-represented lawyers entering the discipline system without a map. The Playbook is her answer to that need.